Replica Watches Around $100 – $250

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rolex replica

I am interested in investing in replica watches that is about $100 -$250. I’ve had a couple of clothes I wore during the day. These additional investments will be mainly invested. I have always been interested in the Internet, there are a lot of information.
You can help me to give me a few good resources to learn more about the replica watches. My time frame will be between a few years, three to 10 + according to the replica watches and how much I like it. Is there a website auction result?
If people who invest in replica watches should not wear their value? Thank you for your help.
In general, it is a bad idea to invest in replica watches, in my opinion. This is not to say that watches are not in value or from a few brands to maintain or exceed their retail value of some replica watches to appreciate, it is simple, there are a lot of other investment opportunities, more predictable and better value than the timer.
Of course, this is just a point of view. However, please note that I said this is a lover of replica watches and clocks, a substantial collection of valuable money. However, although I can not say that my replica watches are twice the value of the past two years to reach 50% growth, it is easy for me at least four of my portfolio in the stock… My gold replica watches, if they have to increase is due to the value of gold, continue to increase until recently…
If the stock market is too scary for you so simple investment instruments, such as bonds, index funds, and even gold or silver soup may be a better choice.
And look at the auction of the replica watches market, by the high dollar, Patek Philippe replica watches and Rolex replica watches are taking it to the temptation, they are rare, I would say that some of their watches can be expected to appreciate only two brands. Several other brands: Audemars Piguet replica watches , Vacheron Constantin replica watches ,may Lange and Panerai replica watches will be able to foresee after retail lose less value (may increase), generally speaking, watches are like cars, you leave the moment the retail stores, you value fell 20% or more. At least.
So, why do I have a collection? To me this is because I like to wear my replica watches. I have many, because I like every one, every one. If I don’t do that, I’ll give them as gifts for my family, or sell them for a long night. At this time, my collection, there are 10 pieces of watches, I do not want to wear, and I can often wear. Of course, I wear a gold replica watches is not often, there is a couple more formal occasions. However, the problem is, I always use my whole.
In short, I collect replica watches because I like to wear them. If a model adds value to my collection, then cool, otherwise, I don’t care, because I get it, because I really like it, I wear it. The rare exception of the rule is quite a lot of all Patek Philippe and some Rolex replica watches models, in the long term there is a high probability of increasing value. This is a reason (not the main reason) why the two brands of watches are high on my list, and every time I am ready to get a new piece of work…
Finally, Gu Dongbiao (with the right price) may be an investment”. However, this is difficult because you can get a “Frankenstein”, the engine may have problems, probably if the watches sold more than $1000 a number then the boss no his / her research and the value of knowledge. As long as the search for eBay, it takes a few minutes. So unless you know this brand, and have the means to check or verify the old replica watches, the same rules apply. I bought wine because I like the history, the old design, the uniqueness, the time of the technology, and love to have my wrist from time to time.
This is my philosophy. You don’t have to agree, but you need to be clear. Hope this helps.