Rolex Cellini Replica Collection Buying Guide

The Cellini is like the middle child of the Rolex family – it tends to go unnoticed. In contrast to the design consistency of Rolex Oyster watches, Rolex Cellini cheap replica watches are incredibly diverse, featuring an expansive array of case shapes, bracelet designs, movement types, and material options.

Rolex Cellini Ultimate Buying Guide 50509 White Gold

Rolex Cellini Time

The simplest modern Cellini watch is the Rolex Cellini Time. As the name implies, there are three hands on the dial to indicate hours, minutes and seconds. There are two Cellini Time references: Cellini Time ref. 50509 18k white gold and Cellini Time Ref. 50505 Replica18k Everose gold. Each model is equipped with a brown or black leather strap, and is equipped with a buckle made of the same metal as the case.

Rolex Cellini Time is equipped with a white dial or a black dial, with Roman oversized Roman numerals on all four poles, and long baton-style hour markers, separated by an internal minute track. Inside the watch is a self-winding chronograph calibre 3132.

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Rolex Cellini Date

“Cellini Date” provides a date indicator, instead of the window that we are accustomed to Rolex Oyster watches, but to indicate the date through the auxiliary dial at 3 o’clock. The two Rolex Cellini Date models are Fake Cellini Date references. 50519 Platinum and Cellini date number. 50515 Everose gold.

The dial of the Rolex Cellini Date is decorated with traditional guilloché technology, so that the lines radiate from the center to the periphery. In addition to exquisite dial color options such as black or silver, Rolex also offers a fantastic blue dial version of the Cellini Date with a coordinated blue leather strap.

Rolex Cellini Ultimate Buying Guide