Rolex GMT-Master the most sought-after watches in the world

The Rolex GMT-Master 6542

The Rolex GMT-Master Replica Watch was first launched in 1955, with the model number 6542. Although gold watches are also produced, classic examples are stainless steel watches with the iconic red and blue Pepsi bezel and three-chain Oyster strap. Early versions used a Bakelite frame, which was quickly replaced by aluminum in 1956 and has become extremely rare (and precious) today.

The Rolex GMT-Master 1675

Number 1675 is the second improvement of the Cheap Rolex Replica GMT-Master, which was launched in 1959, introducing the crown guard into the side of the case. Compared with reference. 6542, GMT-Master 1675 has more changes, including Oyster or Jubilee strap and stainless steel (1675), two-tone (1675/3) and pure gold (1675/8) finishing. The 1675 watch comes with a red and blue “Pepsi” or an all-black bezel. 1675 is equipped with a gold-plated or frosted dial and cal. Caliber 1565 or 1575.