Rolex Submariner Date 126613LN Dive Replica Watch

A bigger diameter but a svelter watch

The new lugs for Rolex Submariners Replica in 2020 are an amazing update. Thanks to them, the silhouette takes on a more refined appearance. This is exactly what the watch needs. And, as I would like to see, the diameter is reduced instead of increasing by 1mm, the 41mm diameter happens to be due to the new, smoother profile.

In recent memory, there are few better mainstream examples that can clearly express the nuances of Rolex Replica watch design. For non-viewers, the case is the case. Many people think they just exist. There is no doubt that every element of the case is interrelated, and any change in any element will have consequences elsewhere.

The new Rolex Submariner Date 126613LN represents the leader of Coronet in the Submariner series.

Maybe there is a slight difference between the way that 316L and 904L steel cling to gold? Maybe this is the quality of Fake Swiss Rolex gold itself? Perhaps it comes down to machining, surface treatment or pure design.