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Rolex Day-Date II Ref. 218238

Rolex Day-Date II Replica Watch featuring the iconic lines and functionality of the classic and beloved Day-Date collection, the Day-Date II gave collectors the larger case they craved with a case diameter of 41mm, which created a striking contrast to the 36mm sizing of the traditional men’s model.

The ref. 218238 is an exceptional Fake Swiss Rolex model, outfitted entirely in 18k yellow gold for a distinct look that was beloved by the rich, famous, and influential individuals who were lucky who could get their hands on one.

The Day-Date II is larger than the current-production Day-Date 40 by 1mm, making it the largest Rolex President Replica UK ever produced. Additionally, given its rather short production period, there are a finite number of examples in existence, making it a model with plenty of investment potential.